Ciao, Babee

Help! I'm melting! Ahhh. [ note enthusiasm in that 'ahhh'. ]

Wow. Isn't this screwed. Writing another journal entry within a limited time period of my last. That's pretty scary. I don't honestly see the point of these...more so, I don't understand them. Writing in my own diary where nobody can read anything I write is one thing, but writing for a bunch of eyes I'm not sure I can trust is another. It's one of those things that ain't worth analyzing.

I just finished my biology exam. You know, the one that consisted of more papers than had accumulated in my notebook the entire year? Right. All the questions read to me as 'blah blah blah'. I. Bombed. Yippee. Too bad I didn't have a party hat. If you don't hear from me for a month, you know I haven't survived the other ones I still have to write.

For those of you who didn't notice, I ripped down my first fanfiction. Pacey's story, the one that had more sap than a maple syrup tree. 'Capeside's True Love'? Where did I find that name? I read over it and kind of sucked. It was my first fanfiction, but either way, my fickle 'must be near perfection' mode kicked in and said you better take that down before it embarasses you. So I did. Yeah. I did. And I'm not sorry. It was starting to get on my nerves. So I waved it off like a ducky and said goodbye imperfect fanfiction. But I promise you two more in return, that will be much better. If I can manage.

One of my closest girls is going buh-bye to a new high school. That BLOWS. We're having a goodbye party for her...but something about the zip-i-dee-doo-dah you find in party wouldn't fit the mood. Thing is, she's emotional. Guaranteed she'll cry at this 'celebration'. Which means I probably will too. Cover-up: Something's in my eye. Translation: Of course I'm crying, I'm just too damned stubborn to admit it.

I guess I could fill up the rest of the page with 'la la la', but that could get boring. Haven't seen blue skies for awhile. They are all...gray...and very cloudyish. Love my vocab. It's better than confusing grammar. Like ;their's going to bee some "who what now"? confusion;. Fun, fun!. Of course me, myself, and I are quite amused. Small things amuse small minds. And yes, I know I said it not you.

Don't get mad. I have a license that clearly states my stupidity is permitted. Really.