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08.12.01: Slashcity.Net links have been taken down until the ladies get their domain back from the assholes that heisted it.

07.18.01: Some weird shit added to the other fandoms page including an original piece of femslash and the first slash fic I ever wrote. If I am too embarrassed tomorrow, I'll take the links off. ;)

07.14.01: Ten Questions with Citizens Against Bad Slash on DC fanfiction and stuff.

07.10.01: Roswell slash review written by me is live on CityBeat, SlashCity's online zine. Also check out Doug's Roswell Fandom 101 article in the same issue. Also, I have fixed all pages to match this interface, there were a couple of extraneous pages that somehow didn't get done in the first pass... bad me. Plus, since listbot is killing its free service, I am transferring it over to yahoogroups and in the process of adding all those members to the new list.

06.20.01: Created a new site -- A Six Feet Under web clique. And I joined it myself. Now you join too. (Or at least go check it out... please?)

06.06.01: Two new fics added.

Rush (Andromeda, Tyr/Harper, NC-17)
co-written with Ana

Near. And Not Close. (Roswell, NC-17, brutality.)

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