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Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction

My boyfriend has finally got his site up, and it's a site that's for the personal art and writing of anyone out there to post. It's a creativity outlet and it rocks, even though it's just started up, and I would love it if I could direct some of my past readers there - just look, but furthermore, post some original work! It's a great chance to do so. It's just been opened so we definitely need some authors and artists to join up and add some stuff to the archives. I'm starting to post some of my own original work, although it is a slow process. So please, come and see what the site has to offer, and remember, it's still a baby...just getting up and running. Although this site is no longer active, my original work will be posted on that site if you are still interested in reading my material. You can visit it at the link below:


Welcome fellow Creekers! This site was opened in August, 2001.

All characters copyright Kevin Williamson, the WB, Sony/Columbia-TriStar, etc. Please don't sue or I will be forced to put my karate skills to work. This is for entertainment purposes only and is a non-profit site.

All of the fan fiction you will read on this site is by myself, and my silly imagination. I hope you enjoy what is available and please don't hold back on sending me any questions or feedback. - Jay Dee (JD)

NOTICE: Lately I am afraid I haven't had the time to keep up with my writing on this site. I apologize for this. I've been busy and I've been attempting to expand my writing horizons with work other than fanfiction.

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What's New?

02/09/02: New journal entry up.
02/02/02: Pacey's new story, Broken is up!
02/01/02: New journal entry up.
01/23/02: Another journal entry is up.
01/21/02: New journal entry is up to make up for my lack of writing.
01/09/02: New journal entry is up for 2002. Check it out!
01/07/02: The first story of the year 2002, On The Road is posted under Joey's section!
12/23/01: We now have song lyrics linked to each story!
12/23/01: There is a new Christmas journal entry! Check it out!
12/23/01: Jack's first story, the Christmas seasonal special is now up!
12/10/01: Jen's first story, A Sparrow's Kin is now posted!
11/15/01: We have a journal up now! Yes, very scary, I know.
11/03/01: Joey's first story, Home Is Where The Heart Is, is now available!
10/14/01: We now have a counter! I took long enough.
10/14/01: Trick Or Treat - our Halloween Special is up under Other Characters!
10/14/01: We have done some updating on the site with the start of season five!
09/29/01: Our latest story is up under Dawson's section, Fast Asleep!
09/24/01: That's right! We now have a messageboard. No more guestbooks.
09/23/01: I put up a new advertising banner and poster for linking!
09/03/01: We're opening and our first story, Capeside's True Love is now up!
08/31/01: We're preparing to open!

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